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Remote PC Repair Prices

  • All prices include VAT
  • Any diagnostics in our labFREE!
  • Remote PC checkup or diagnostics – FREE!
Remote PC Repair Price
Minor Repaires Description: Includes smaller kinds of help, such as programm installation or setup of software or drivers, neutralization of startup of programs, the repair of any browser-related issues, minor repairs and more. Any work of a duration of less than 20 minutes, falls into this category. 140 NIS
120 NIS

Major Repairs Description: Help to install or configure software or drivers, configuring the printer or its direction, dealing with problems related to the printer, hard drive, any other program or treatment that takes more than 20 minutes, falls into this category. 175 NIS

General Major Repair Description: Care and general cleaning of the computer of viruses and malware, cleaning the hard disk, clean and repair of the registry, etc. In addition, this section includes removing unwanted programs that affect the optimum performance of your computer and the installation of any required updates, etc. This is a great set of interventions that aim to bring your computer to its original state and to an optimum performance level. 250 NIS
220 NIS

Remote support service for one year 2000 NIS
1700 NIS

If you don`t know which category your problem belongs to or you don`t know what the problem of your computer is, send us an email with all the details you have. We will check your computer and tell you exactly what the problem is, what to do and what price of fixing will be.
If we define a price that is not part of the table above, you can pay by Credit Card of any type by phone or the PayPal service with the help of the drop-down list below :

Different Prices

Read the article “Remote PC Repair” to learn how to receive remote services from us.
If you have any other questions, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions” and send us an email or call us at 054-225-7705.