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If liquid was spilled on a laptop

spilled-coffee-on-laptopDid you spill coffee, tea or water on your laptop? If so, read this article and follow the advice!!

If liquid was spilled on a laptop (will probably seep slowly into the motherboard) one or more of the following conditions may occur:

    • Short circuit, and the laptop will stop working.
    • The laptop will still work, but corrosion will begin to occur on the motherboard or on other electronic components and sooner or later your laptop will stop working or will develop some abnormal behavior.

  • The whole keyboard or only some keys will stop working or start to behave abnormally.

If you do not take care of this situation right away, the corrosion will damage the components to the point where it will be impossible to repair the motherboard, and you will have to buy a new laptop.

Laptop CorrosionWater (on the motherboard) + electrical current = rapid process of corrosion.

Electrical corrosion is the most destructive process in metallic materials and electronic components. When the laptop’s components are influenced by water, the corrosion starts immediately. Its results can be seen within minutes.
Water is the biggest enemy of any electronic device or circuit!

The right thing to do

Once water, coffee or tea is spilled on your laptop or MacBook, you will have to turn it off immediately and remove the battery if possible. Afterwards you will need to take the laptop to a laptop laboratory as soon as possible. There it will be opened and cleaned up thoroughly to remove the liquids. It will also have to be inspected thoroughly.

It is possible to thoroughly wash the keyboard as well. There is a chance that the keyboard will continue to function properly, otherwise it should get replaced by a new one.

Wrong things to do

You start to panic, curse yourself and others, but continue to work on the computer, hoping it will be o.k. “to save” a few shekels when actually the computer needs to be handled properly and immediately.

As a result, corrosion usually starts somewhere on the motherboard. It will cause severe damage and the cost of repair will be much higher!

Corrosion not only “eats” metal parts of the motherboard, it also causes a short-circuit. The damage may be irreversible and you will have to replace the entire motherboard or buy a new laptop.

So please be smart and do not “hope”. Take your laptop to the lab and let it be repaired as soon as possible.

Our laboratory has extensive experience in solving such problems with laptops of any kind, including all models of MacBooks.


The prices vary, depending on your laptop and various levels of damage. It will always be the cheapest way, if a treatment is performed immediately after liquid was spilled.

Just contact us immediately, and even better – bring your laptop to our laboratory as soon as possible, so we can diagnose the level of damage and give you a quote for a repair.

The sooner you repair the computer – the cheaper the repair will be!

By the way, we always handle such cases in a prior and urgent way!


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