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Apple Cinema Display A1316 – 27″ – Repair

Apple Cinema Display A1316You are visiting Apple Monitors Repair section

We can fix your Apple Cinema Display A1316 model if you encounter any problem with it. Our specialty is to diagnose and repair any problems with Apple Cinema displays and monitors in general. Our laboratory repair is quick and of high quality.

Contact us today to diagnose and fix your Apple A1316 Cinema display.

The Apple Cinema Display A1316 is the latest in the series of Cinema screens. It was first introduced in late July 2010. It has a screen size of 27″. This screen and the A1267 are the only ones in the series which work with LED backlight technology. LED lighting reduces energy consumption and saves lots of space.

Apple Cinema displays, and in particular the model A1316, are produced with very high standards of quality and provide a great user experience. Nevertheless, as with all electronic equipments, faults can happen with one of its modules. Modules that usually get malfunction components are: the power supply, inverter or motherboard.

The A1316 screen is also equipped with a video camera, microphone, speakers and USB ports which ensure a high user experience.

The Apple A1316 screen is expensive and requires very delicate handling. The examination and repair under laboratory conditions using appropriate equipment and knowledge ensures high repair quality and prevention of further failures.

Please contact our lab today in order to receive immediate service. We won’t let you wait long!

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We will be glad to help with any problem regarding Apple Cinema Display A1316.


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