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Solutions for computer cooling problems

Fan clogged with dustWe solve any problem that may arise with the cooling system of any laptop or desktop PC as well as cooling problems in iMacs and MacBooks.

The cooling system is an important part of any laptop or desktop PC. Its purpose is to keep a chipset, processor and a graphics card at a low temperature (40 – 60°C). The major computer components ̶ CPU, chipset and graphics card – become extremely hot if your computer is working and therefore need to be cooled down.

The repair of any cooling system is based on the following handlings:

  • Cleaning, repair or replacement of any cooling fan (laptop or desktop PC);
  • Cleaning a heat-sink of dust;
  • Replacement of thermal paste that is between the heat sink and the CPU;
  • Motherboard repair, when it spins at full speed all the time or doesn’t work at all.

The cooling system consists of:

  1. Cooling fan;
  2. Heat sink;
  3. Thermal paste;
  4. Thermal sensors;
  5. Software or firmware which handles the speed of the fan.

If any point of this list is not working right, the heat won’t be dissipated properly and the computer’s components will get overheated. This will cause a sudden crash of your laptop or any kind of computer. If this situation lasts for a long time without handling it, the computer’s life span will be greatly shortened due to the heat stress on its major components like the CPU or graphics card.

In addition, some problems may occur as a result of the computer sudden crashes:  damage to the hard drive’s sectors or to the operating system. As a result, the computer may not boot any longer. Even worse: the data may simply get lost. Don’t get into this situation!

The most common faults in the cooling system of a laptop or desktop computer:

  • The fan is not working or got stuck;
  • The fan makes noises like a tractor;
  • The heat-sink is clogged with dust (no air flowing through it);
  • The heat-sink got loose or not mounted firmly to the CPU or the graphics chip;
  • The thermal paste is dried out and the heat is not dissipated enough;
  • Thermal sensors are not working properly;
  • There is a hardware failure (motherboard or BIOS).

The most common signs that a cooling system isn’t working properly:

  • Computer is very slow;
  • Computer crashes after a while;
  • The fan spins too fast and makes noise;
  • The fan makes a noise like a tractor;
  • The bottom of the computer is very hot when you touch it.

If you notice one or more of the symptoms listed above, you need to handle it as soon as possible to prevent any further problems.

Sometimes the laptop is fine but it still gets very hot – this is because the hole of the fan is closed in some way, for an example, you might have placed the laptop on a blanket or your laps. This will prevent the air from flowing.


Prices  vary between laptops and office PCs. Some are easy to clean and can be fixed by just opening the bottom cover of the fan. Others will have to be disassembled completely to get access to the laptop’s fan or the heat-sink.

In general, the costs of the repair and clean  of a fan and a heat-sink range from 50NIS to 400NIS. The price of a motherboard’s repair can be higher.

The best idea is to bring your laptop to our lab so we will be able to determine the exact problem and give you an exact quote for a repair.

Remember! To avoid trouble of any kind on your laptop, desktop computer, MacBook or iMac, you need to clean the cooling system regularly or bring it to us for an inspection and clean it at least once a year.

Contact us by email or call us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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