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Laptop DC Plug or Jack Repair or Replacement

DC jack and plugYour laptop unexpectedly turns off while moving? The battery is not charging? The laptop does not work with the charger? The plug of the charger doesn’t have a good connection with the power socket of your laptop?

You may have a problem with the power outlet (DC Jack or Socket) of your laptop or with the plug of the charger.

To determine if the problem is the socket or the plug it is important that we diagnose the problem accurately. If necessary, we can repair or replace any electrical outlet or plug of any laptop.

It is a VERY dangerous situation when the laptop’s socket or plug is damaged. This may cause the computer to shut down unexpectedly too often. In addition to the frustration that arises if the computer shuts down unexpectedly in the middle of work (due to a damaged plug or socket), this will also be able to cause more serious problems.

The most common problems caused by the fact that the computer shuts down unexpectedly because of a damaged socket or plug:

  • Corrupted operating system.
  • Bad sections on the hard disk.
  • Important information disappears because of bad sectors.
  • Corrupted BIOS with the consequence that the laptop doesn’t work anymore.
  • Damaged electronic components.
  • Laptop starts acting abnormally.
  • Windows or other Operating System freezes up or doesn’t boot anymore.
  • And many other problems.

This is especially dangerous when the computer shuts down unexpectedly (due to a damaged socket or power plug), because it can cause permanent damage to the OS or the hard disk, because at this exact time the system may be writing some data on your hard disk.

Laptop DC Jack Repair or Replacement

There may be several possible reasons for a DC Jack not working:

  1. The power outlet is damaged or broken.
  2. It’s an old socket and the contacts aren’t good or suffer from corrosion.
  3. The socket is fine but it has bad solder connections with the motherboard.

In the points 1 and 2 mentioned above the best solution is to replace the socket by a new one. Though sometimes they can be fixed.
In the point 3 the connection can be fixed by re-soldering it to the motherboard.

To repair or replace a damaged electrical socket one should completely disassemble the laptop and put it together again after the repair is done. This requires time and effort. We unequivocally recommend to fix your laptop in a highly professional laboratory, where the problem will be correctly diagnosed and you will receive a correct and high quality laptop repair!

Charger plug repair or replacement

Usually the wire breaks at the point where the wire soldered to the plug. However, there may be other problems with the plug such as corrosion of the contacts, physical damage or a broken wire. In all of these cases, one needs to repair or replace the plug. It is much less work than repairing the power DC jack (socket) of the laptop, because we won’t have to do anything with the laptop itself.


The prices vary from laptop to laptop. Generally a repair or replacement of a damaged electrical socket DC Jack costs between 250 NIS and 400 NIS, while the repair or replacement of a damaged plug costs about 80 NIS.

To prevent further damage to your laptop if it already has some problem with the power jack or plug, you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible and you shouldn’t wait for other problems to develop.
Contact us by email or call us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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