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Laptop Repair Laboratory

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laptop-repairWe are a professional laptop repair laboratory. We have many years of experience in repairing laptops at the component level.

This is the place to fix your laptop. The skill level, speed and quality of our laptop repair will exceed your expectations.

Perhaps you already have encountered dishonesty or deception in computer repair sphere in the past. We try our best to be 100% honest and complete a laptop repair job as fast as we can!

We won’t keep your laptop for days, weeks or months! Usually we try to repair laptops on the same day or hour.

Our prices are very reasonable, and our motto is “exchange in abundance,” which means to give more than we get! Let’s say we have negotiated a deal to fix the problem of your laptop hardware  ̶  we will always give something more like cleaning the cooling system or the laptop screen and/or cleaning the operating system of garbage files, viruses, malware and much more …

In the end you will get your laptop back in shiny new condition!

Why repair the laptop instead of buying a new one?

  • The repair cost is much lower than the price of a new laptop.
  • Repaired laptops will provide you with use for years.
  • No need to install all programs that you used again.

Why repair your laptop with us?

  • Each repair is carried out in the laboratory without mediation!
  • We do repair laptops at a component level.
  • We repair all types of laptops more quickly.
  • Professionalism is very important to us: we maintain a high level of quality and service.
  • Our laptop repairs are done quickly. In most cases, you will get your computer back the same or the next day.
  • If the cost isn’t worthwhile or the laptop might not last for a long time, we will recommend that you purchase a new computer.

The most common problems with laptops:

The laptop turns on but displays no picture.

The screen shows a split image or artifacts

Screen has colored lines or garbled colors.

  • The solution is to replace the LSD panel.

The screen is broken or cracked and displays black crystal (cannot be repaired)

White screen and no picture is displayed

  • Failure in flat cable that connects the screen to the motherboard.
  • LCD screen failure. (Sometimes irreparable.)

The screen turns off immediately after it was turned on, the screen shows a very faded picture, you see a picture but no backlight

The laptop will not turn on at all, there are no lights on and there is no sign of life

The laptop occasionally crushes

The laptop restarts itself or gives occasional blue screens

  • Viruses, software or driver problems.
  • Hard disk problems, memory (RAM) or other hardware problem.

The laptop is very slow

Liquid was spilled over the laptop

  • Corrosion will start sooner or later.
  • Caused damage to the motherboard and keyboard.
  • Important: remove the battery and bring the computer to the lab; the laptop needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Screen get loose and disconnects from the body or not connected well to the body of the laptop.

  • Hinges of the screen are broken.
  • Connections that hold the screen’s hinges are broken.
  • Screen’s hinges are released from the screen or from the body of the laptop.

Some of keyboard keys aren’t working

  • The keyboard isn’t good and the solution is to install a new keyboard.

The laptop fan makes noise

The DC socket of the laptop is broken or the contact isn’t good

Power plug of charger isn’t good

USB port of a laptop is shortened or broken

  • Installing a new USB port.

USB ports don’t work

Laptop’s speakers aren’t working

Headphone and microphone inputs are broken

  • Installation of new headphone and microphone inputs.

Laptop upgrade

Please contact us with a complete description of the problem of your laptop and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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