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PC Monitor Repair

PC monitor repairThe PC monitor doesn’t work: it doesn’t turn on or display any picture; the screen turns off after the power was turned on; the screen doesn’t display anything, or shows an image without illumination; it shows white screen with no picture; the screen lighting is fuzzy or there is another malfunction. Contact us and you’ll get a professional diagnosis of the problem and an assessment of the repair cost.

We agree to repair all makes of IBM, DELL, LG, COMPAQ, HP, LENOVO, ASUS, ACER and more. We also repair Apple computer monitors such as Apple Cinema A1081, Apple Cinema A1082, Apple Cinema A1083 or LED Cinema A1267, A1316 LED Cinema and more.

Repair of computer monitors: this is our specialty.

Special offer for large business owners!!

If you  are a representative of a company that has multiple screens and we agree to work together, you will get a special price for PC monitor repair and also a one-year warranty.

Why you should fix your computer screen:

  • The repair costs much less than the price of a new screen.
  • New screens use similar technology to existing screens.
  • The repair of a computer screen can make it last for years.

Why you should fix your computer monitors with us:

  • Our laboratory is equipped with special equipment and offers a suitable working environment for high-quality repair of computer monitors.
  • Our technicians are experts and have wide experience in repairing computer monitors of any kind.
  • The repair of computer monitors is done quickly by us. In most cases you’ll get your screen back the same or the next day.
  • If the cost of repair is not worthwhile or the screen won’t hold out for at least two years after the repair, we will recommend a screen replacement for you.

There is no need to pay a high price for a new screen. Please contact us to tell us about the monitor problem you need about the problem and a quote on the cost of repairing your PC Monitor.