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Apple Thunderbolt Display A1407 – 27″ – Repair

Apple Thunderbolt A1407You are at Apple Monitors Repair section!

If you want to fix an Apple Thunderbolt Display A1407 quickly and without compromising the quality, you’ve came to the right place. Our Apple displays technicians are experts in handling and fixing Apple screens.

Contact us, and we will get in touch with you soon to diagnose the problem and if necessary, provide you with a fast service for your Thunderbolt A1407 screen.

The Thunderbolt display by Apple is replacing the screens of the Cinema series. It was launched in July 2011 and matches the Mac computers. It is equipped with the new Thunderbolt connection (A1407 Thunderbolt display does not fit the previous Mac computers and PC computers). They are equipped with a HD screen, speakers, microphone, three USB ports, a network port and Thunderbolt port. In addition they also use the charging cable of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

One can see that the screen itself is not only a screen but actually a dock with many user interfaces ̶ one connection to a computer provides a complete working environment with all the necessary interfaces. The Apple Thunderbolt A1407 Display reaches a size of 27″ and has a more improved quality than previous Cinema screens.

The Apple screen model A1407 can have the same problems as many user interfaces, such as the camera, connectors, microphone, speakers, USB ports, and more. Certain parts of the screen tend to go bad as well: the power supply, inverter, motherboard and also the various interfaces.

The Apple A1407 screen is expensive as well and better to be handled or repaired by an experienced and knowledgeable technician. Laboratory conditions is necessary to take apart or repair Apple Thunderbolt Display A1407.

Please contact our lab before you bring it to us.

We are here for you for any fault or problem of Apple Thunderbolt A1407 displays!


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