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Laptop Motherboard Repair

Motherboard repairWe are a professional laboratory that repairs laptops of different variety. We are specialized in the laptop motherboards repair from netbooks to iMacs!
We have many years of experience in repairing motherboards and we believe we can deliver FASTest and very reliable motherboard repair service.

Caution! Due to the lack of integrity in the computer repair sphere, it is very important to get your laptop checked by a professional computer technician or a lab with the highest skill and experience in laptop repair.

Otherwise you will lose money and time.

In some cases the condition of your laptop will even become worse. Another lab, for an example, may tell you the problem stems from a faulty motherboard, when in fact the problem is in the operating system or software.

Has anyone ever told you that you need to replace the motherboard to fix your laptop? Don’t believe that. Most motherboards can be repaired and it’s cheaper than replacing the entire motherboard or buying a new laptop.

Each malfunction laptop’s motherboard has to be diagnosed carefully by a competent technician with considerable experience in a professional laboratory. He will discover the true source of the problem and  tell you whether a motherboard needs to be replaced or repaired.

Cases where you cannot or should not repair any motherboard:

  • There is heavy physical damage on the motherboard.
  • Too many electronic components are damaged and the price of a motherboard repair is too high.
  • Motherboard components that are at fault cannot be found on the market.
  • Unskilled technicians or a lousy laboratory have already tried to fix the motherboard and damaged it even more, so that the repair is impossible or doesn’t justify the price.
  • If the price for the motherboard repair will be more than two-thirds the cost of a new laptop of the similar type.

By the way, when we open any laptop to repair a motherboard in our lab, we clean the whole interior by removing dust from motherboard components as well as from a cooling system. Also, we replace old and dried thermal paste by a new better quality paste (It lies between the CPU and the heat sink, and over time it dries up to the level when it stops transferring the heat from the CPU to the heat sink. As a result the computer starts to slow down and shuts down from overheating).

The most common signs that a motherboard of a laptop is at fault:

  • The laptop will show nothing on the screen if the power button is pressed.
  • The laptop will not turn on at all, there’s no lights and there’s no sign of life.
  • The laptop shuts down every now and then.
  • The laptop turns on, but doesn’t display anything.
  • The screen shows symmetric lines, splitted image or artifacts.
  • The laptop freezes in the middle of work or while it boots the OS.
  • The laptop beeps at the start-up.
  • Corrosion has developed on the motherboard because of spilled water, tea or coffee.
  • A motherboard died because of any short circuit or corrosion.
  • A USB port isn’t working at all.
  • One of the following doesn’t work: WiFi, LAN, webcam, DVD/CD, HDMI, keyboard, mouse, touch pad, USB, voice or sound jack, etc …

Some of the above-mentioned signs can be caused by the software and not the hardware or the motherboard. In order to get a clear answer, we will need to take a look at your laptop and do some tests.

Prices to repair a motherboard

The prices for a motherboard repair vary from computer to computer and depend on what exactly needs to be fixed.

Since the repair involves activities that take up much time – such as fully dismantling and reassembling the laptop, working with diagrams, finding the faulty component – the price we charge is 550 NIS. The price may be lower or much higher, especially if repair motherboards of Mac computers such as MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or iMac.

Usually the price to repair the motherboard of a laptop ranges between 400NIS and 800NIS.
The price of the motherboard repair for Apple computers ranges between 600NIS and 1,500NIS.
The best thing you can do is to contact us with the description of the specific problem.

Call us today or contact us by e-mail and we will try to find the optimal solution to fix your laptop.


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