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Phone Call Recorder

Call recorderWould you like to secure yourself by recording phone calls on you iPhone or iPad? Have you found yourself in a situation where you were not able to prove what was said or promised to you by cellular, internet, TV or any other service providers?

Have you been looking for a program in the App Store that could just record every conversation automatically without other party knowing about it?

Recently I started to receive many requests to install such phone calls recorders on iPhones. Read more »

HDD to SSD Upgrade

HDDUpgrading an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to an SSD (State Solid Drive) is the smartest thing you can do for your laptop or desktop PC, especially if your computer became slow and takes too long to load the operating system.

If you have the feeling that you are much faster than your computer and you start to lose patience with it, it is probably the time to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD!

Apart from potential viruses and junk that might get accumulated on your computer, the system itself becomes very heavy with all the Windows updates and the amounts of data that increase with time. Read more »

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

KeyboardIf your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro keyboard has stopped working, if one of the keys stopped functioning properly or if the keyboard has some other problem – you found the right place!

Our laboratory is specialized in the repair or replacement of any MacBook keyboard. A MacBook keyboard replacement demands different procedures and levels of work difficulty within the various MacBook models. Read more »

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Repair

MacBook RepairWe are the professional Apple computers laboratory with many years MacBook repair experience.
Like any other laptop, MacBook, MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro are full of electronics, software and hardware, it can be corroded by spilled coffee or start getting overheated from time to time.

Why to repair your MacBook with us?

  • Each MacBook repair is carried out in our laboratory without mediation!
  • We do repair MacBooks at a component level.
  • We do MacBook repair very fast. In most cases, you will get your computer back the same or the next day.
  • We use only original and high quality parts!
  • No one can compete with us on the quality and speed levels!

Read more »

iMac and Mac Computers Repair

iMacWe are specialized in repairing iMacs and Mac computers. We do have solutions for any hardware or software problems and are able to repair or upgrade any model of an iMac or Mac computer!

The iMac is one of Apple’s desktop computers. In addition to its computer hardware and software, it possesses an LCD screen, all in one piece. As with any other computer or screen, problems and malfunctions may develop. Read more »

Mac Mini Repair

Mac-miniYour Mac Mini doesn’t turn on? The system doesn’t boot? The Mac Mini crashes or restarts randomly? Is there any other problem? We’re here to help you!

We’ve been specialized for years in finding the causes of failures of Mac Mini computers. We provide Mac Mini repair service at the component level.

The Mac Mini is one of Apple’s desktop computers. Read more »

Solutions for computer cooling problems

Fan clogged with dustWe solve any problem that may arise with the cooling system of any laptop or desktop PC as well as cooling problems in iMacs and MacBooks.

The cooling system is an important part of any laptop or desktop PC. Its purpose is to keep a chipset, processor and a graphics card at a low temperature (40 – 60°C). The major computer components ̶ CPU, chipset and graphics card – become extremely hot if your computer is working and therefore need to be cooled down. Read more »

Laptop DC Plug or Jack Repair or Replacement

DC jack and plugYour laptop unexpectedly turns off while moving? The battery is not charging? The laptop does not work with the charger? The plug of the charger doesn’t have a good connection with the power socket of your laptop?

You may have a problem with the power outlet (DC Jack or Socket) of your laptop or with the plug of the charger.

To determine if the problem is the socket or the plug it is important that we diagnose the problem accurately. If necessary, we can repair or replace any electrical outlet or plug of any laptop. Read more »

laptop Screen Hinges Repair

Broken screen hingesWe provide a solution for every problem related to screen hinges or display connections!

Laptop display hinges are the connection between the laptop screen and the laptop body. When opening and closing the laptop screen, it happens that  screws holding  the screen and the body together, get loose.  If  the hinges won’t  be re-strengthened  tight enough, plastic parts and hinges may break. Then finally the screen may get released from the body of the laptop or a more serious damage may be caused to cables and the LCD panel itself.

Sometimes the screen hinges themselves are broken, and in this case they must be replaced by new ones. Read more »

If liquid was spilled on a laptop

spilled-coffee-on-laptopDid you spill coffee, tea or water on your laptop? If so, read this article and follow the advice!!

If liquid was spilled on a laptop (will probably seep slowly into the motherboard) one or more of the following conditions may occur:

  • Short circuit, and the laptop will stop working.
  • The laptop will still work, but corrosion will begin to occur on the motherboard or on other electronic components and sooner or later your laptop will stop working or will develop some abnormal behavior.

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