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How do I pay for the repairs?

You have the option to pay via credit card, bank transfer or  securely through PayPal.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

We will do our best not to let that happen! We’re going to provide you with great service, to ensure your satisfaction with our work. Nevertheless, if you aren’t satisfied, we will return your money within 30 days, according to the Terms of Service. You can trust our skills and knowledge.

My PC monitor does not work. What should  I do?

Please contact us by email or phone so that we’ll be able to understand the problem better. We will be checking your screen in order to submit a repair quotation. The test can be performed in our lab for free. We can also send you a technician, which will cost 150 NIS (excluding VAT). The technician will give you a repair quote for the screen. If you accept it, you won’t pay for the diagnostic.

What is the fee to diagnose the computer’s problem?

Nothing, if it was done by our laboratory tests or by the remote method. We can also send you a technician, which will cost 150NIS (excluding VAT). The technician will give you a repair quote.

How do I maintain the proper operation of my computer over the long term?

Your computer will always be in excellent condition if you take care installing updates, especially Windows updates as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware updates, periodically clean your operating system of viruses and malware, disable start-up programs and clean the cooling system of dust. Use our careful service every 6-12 months and you will forget about problems with your computer!

My LCD PC monitor does not work. What can I do?

Our lab is also specialized in repairing LCD screens. We can take care of various display problems: the screen does not turn on or turns itself off, the screen’s colours are faded, the screen shows a white light instead of a picture and so on. All these repairs will cost significantly less than replacing the LCD screen. In addition, if a total replacement is required, our lab will offer you refurbished LCD screens at attractive prices.

How long does your warranty on repairs for LCD screens or monitors last?

Usually the warranty is effective for three months but you can request coverage for a much longer period, depending on certain factors. For example, if you represent a large company that has many screens, we can agree on a fixed price and extend the duration of the warranty to an entire year.

How much does it usually cost to repair a PC monitor?

The average cost to repair PC monitors ranges from 150 NIS to 250 NIS (excluding VAT), but the price may rise up to the point that repairing of the screen isn’t justified. We’ll quote you an exact price after an inspection. Afterwards, you can decide whether to fix the screen or to buy a new one.

Why should I fix an old screen if I can buy a new one for a low price?

Because a reasonable quality screen will cost you at least 4-6 times more than a repair.

How long will the screen function after a repair?

It is possible that it will serve you for many years. In addition, if we think that the screen will not last at least two more years after the repair, we will recommend to not fix the screen.

We are a big company and we want you to fix all our screens. How do we know that you will  implement the correct repair for us?

The only way is to try out! Additionally, you can review some of the recommendations on this site. You can also ask us to provide you with references from other companies we have already given our service.

How long will it take to fix my computer screen?

It depends. We try not to make people wait for a long time. Usually we repair the screens on the same or the next day. In some cases (for example: if you are travelling a long distance) we will try to fix your screen immediately.

Can you tell me over the phone what my screen’s problem is?

Over the phone we are only able to make a guess. The real problem will only be revealed through an actual diagnosis.

I was told that my screen’s power supply broke down. Can you replace it and how much does that cost?

Usually we don’t replace power supplies, we repair power supplies – the reason is that the difference in price is very big. We will replace a power supply only if it cannot be fixed.

The screen of my laptop doesn’t turn on. What can I do?

Laptop monitors are based on LCD technology and this can be repaired in our laboratory.

Can you remotely fix laptops?

Yes, we can fix them remotely (only software wise), if it is possible to access your computer through the Internet.

What if you need to replace one of the parts on my computer?

If you live in Tel Aviv area or near, we will get to you directly and we’ll make the repair. If you live far away and we detect that some part of your computer requires replacement – you will have a whole week to ensure that it is replaced and then we will continue fixing your computer. We can guide you on how to install the new part over the telephone. If not – we will recommend for you a local technician who can fix the problem.

What can I do if the computer often shuts down by itself?

Over time the computer gets filled with dust and becomes clogged. The heat from the processor does not get dissipated through the heat sink because it is clogged with dust and then the computer gets overheated and shuts down. You will need to clean the dust using the air pressure. The accumulation of dust between the CPU fan and the heat sink can cause mishaps. There can be any other reason to this problem. It will be much better if you bring the computer for a check up to our lab where we can give you the most correct diagnostics, it is free.

What should I do if I have a blue screen with explanations and numbers?

First of all, do not panic. Secondly, contact us. The “Blue Screen of Death” is not as bad as it may seem. It is an indication that your computer’s hard disk has errors, problems with software or the hardware. Also, your computer might be infected with one or a few viruses.

What is remote computer repair?

It is a process in which an experienced technician connects to your computer via remote access software that allows him remotely to access your computer and work on it as if he were next to you. This process is safe, convenient and secure in terms of cost. Soon you will get used to it and it will stop being something “unusual”. In terms of cost, this is often much more reasonable than if a technician comes to your home. Down below you’ll find more information about the remote service.

How safe is remote repair?

Remote repair is very safe! You are connected by a 128-bit encryption key, the same connection that your banking or other financial data use online. This is done to protect your financial data.

Can the technician access my computer at a later stage?

No. You, as our client, have to initiate any connection. When our technicians access your computer, a computer program is temporarily installed to allow this access. After we finish working, the software disconnect us from your computer. Every time we want to access your computer, you will need to provide us with the password and ID number.

How long will it take to remotely repair my computer?

The average time is between one and two hours but this can vary depending on the problem. It can be much shorter, since certain types of problems do not require a long time for solving. However, if, for example, a computer virus has infected your hard disk, the time required can increase significantly. We will give you a more accurate evaluation following our diagnosis of your computer.

What if my computer is “completely died”? How can you help me?

Call us at 054-225-7705 or contact us. Even if we are not available at the moment, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

What do I do if my computer will not turn on?

Disconnect the power, press on power button a few times in order to reset it, then connect the power back and see if it works now, if not, contact us.

My computer is extremely slow. Do I need your professional services?

It depends. In any case, it’s always better if an experienced technician inspects your computer.

How much do your services cost?

Let us look at you laptop or desktop PC or anything else you want us to do and we will tell you what should be done and how much it will cost.

Can I get benefits and discounts if I bring you new customers?

Definitely! We want you to tell your friends and family about the wonderful service that you received from us – just let us know that you’ve sent them! You will get 10%.

My computer works very slowly, and my nephew who is a whiz with computers said my computer needs to have its RAM [Random Access Memory] increased. Is this true?

Hard to say if this is true or not before we can look at your computer.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to write us or call us at: 054-225-7705.