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  1. Josette says:

    I have a macbook pro that crashed, and I needed it fixed quickly. Not only was Vadim fast in repairing my computer, he was able to retrieve all of my files while installing the new and improved SSD hard drive. It runs like a new computer now for much less than what I would have paid in the states!

    Thanks Vadim,

  2. Daniel says:

    Thank God.
    I was impressed by the professionalism of Vadim.
    Straight power.

  3. Ohad says:

    Vadim adviced me a purchase of a new PC. I got a reliable computer made to my personal requirements, it worked very quickly with no waiting at all. Vadim also did all hard work including an installation of all needed software. The service Vadim provides is very pleasant and patient, the prices are very comfortable.

  4. Yuval Ohayon says:

    I had some problem with my screen.
    I called 2 different laboratories that told me to bring the screen to the laboratory (I talked with technicians and secretaries).
    I searched for the geographically closest laboratory and I got to Vadim using Google.
    When I called him, he said that the screen is probably fine and the problem lays in the incorrect configurations.
    Vadim guided me by phone on how to solve the problem, without asking for any payment.
    I was impressed by his reliability, integrity and eagerness to provide better and fair service.
    Thank you Vadim for the great service!


  5. Limor says:


    Thank you for the quick and professional service.
    I came to the lab and a few minutes later I went out with a fixed computer.

    Best of luck,

  6. Dud says:

    Thanks for the fast, courteous and reliable service.

    Highly recommended.

  7. Amir says:

    A few days ago my screen just turned white (it later turned out that some components had been burned).
    I found the website of Vadim and I sent him a message at about 12:30 on Friday night.
    The next day (!) I got a message by email. Vadim asked me if there was a possibility to contact me on Saturday. Of course I was reacting positively (I am a graphic designer and I needed my screen for my job).
    On Saturday I went with the monitor to Vadim’s lab. I arrived there around 14:00. After a brief examination, we agreed on a price that was fair and acceptable.
    While testing the problem turned out to be much more serious but Vadim did not give up. I left him at 16:30.
    In fact I had already given up but Vadim kept trying to find the problem and succeeded at the end!
    I have not seen someone for a long time who does not give up (well, maybe except for me :).
    Service 10
    Kindness 10
    Professionalism 10

    Score 10

  8. Zeev K says:

    I came to the laboratory and left after 10 minutes. Fast service, quality work and a fair price!
    I will recommend to my friends without any doubt, they won’t regret.
    Zeev K., Tel Aviv.

  9. Doron says:

    My LG screen suddenly stopped working. It was urgent to fix it. Professionals and friends told me there is no way to fix it and it is better to invest in a new screen… This is the situation I described to Vadim and he invited me immediately. Understanding, fairness, great service and transparency are rare in computer reapair business. It turned out that some parts in the power supply had stopped working. The screen was repaired quickly at a fair price.
    Vadim gave a very reliable and professional service. It would be great to have as many professionals and technicians as possible as Vadim!
    Highly recommend!

  10. Haim says:

    I must say Vadim fixed my computer and salvaged pictures and work documents that were on it. My computer wasn’t working and got repaired very professionally. I should also note that he arrives very fast and has a warm personal nature. He helps the client to understand the nature of the problem.
    Warmly recommended.

  11. Zvika Kozniak says:

    Highly recommend! Just a pro!
    My computer screen stopped working, I got it to RepairPC where it was fixed for me!
    Within 10 minutes they replaced the power supply, cleaned the screen and it is now like a new one.
    Great price, great service — it was a pleasure.

  12. Jacob J says:

    I had a problem with an expensive Samsung monitor. Another lab “fixed” the problem that returned. Vadim was patient as well as available and repaired the screen professionally in a single day. I was impressed by Vadim who is very professional, available, fast and efficient, he responded quickly and has reasonable prices. I strongly recommend him for any electronics repair.

  13. Itai Telgam says:

    Warm recommendation

    Vadim helped me with a problem in my laptop that I spilled water on. It did not turn on even after drying. Vadim gave it back to me after two hours and it ran completely properly!
    The service that was given to me in a short amount of time (he picked up the computer and took care of it quickly) was really wonderful, nice, kind, empathetic, reassuring and professional. Finally: fair pricing without the slightest attempt to take advantage of the client’s urgency … Amazing!

  14. Ofer Mizrahi says:

    Mandatory sharing,

    Vadim provides an exemplary service!!!
    Professional, reliable, sympathetic, works at a fair price for every pocket and even the espresso was excellent !!!
    I recommend everybody to experience this different level of service.

  15. Paul says:

    We had a problem with our Samsung’s LCD screen … the screen brightness changed on its own.
    We found Vadim via the Internet .
    He arrived on time as he had promised, we got a quick and professional service at a fair price.
    I strongly recommend

  16. Eran says:

    I had a problem with my Samsung LCD.
    There was nothing except bright light and sound. So I brought it to Vadim in Tel Aviv. Within two hours the TV set has been fixed and looked like a new one!
    Vadim is a great guy who provides a fast and reliable service at a very fair price!

  17. Noam says:

    Excellent service. The technician came to my house, checked and repaired the screen at the place. It was done very quickly, efficiently and professionally. I wish all service providers in the country would be like Vadim.
    Thank you!

  18. Ruven says:

    Vadim, thanks for the service! Yesterday when I searched a computer technician online I came across your site. I looked and liked it. I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Excellent service and high professionalism! And most important: a lot of patience.


  19. Maya Sherman says:

    I’d recommend Vadim!!! I spoke to him yesterday and needed help to fix my screen quickly. He also offered to take it with him and return it afterwards as well as he offered a very fair price! The service was fast and the screen was quickly repaired.
    Thank you Vadim!
    Strong recommendations!!!

  20. Yair Regev says:

    I brought a laptop to Vadim that didn’t work at all and was considered to be replaced by a new one.
    After three hours, I got a computer like new and working.
    Ladies and gentlemen by my knowledge and experience Vadim gets the first place!

  21. Other Dimention Computer LTD says:

    Vadim is just amazing – my laptop didn’t turn on at all and I couldn’t believe that within one hour my computer would get back to me.
    Good service and a courteous amazing person!
    Strongly recommended

  22. Liat Pelet says:

    27 Apr 2011
    My plasma decided today not to turn on. I called Vadim and he suggested that I should take out the electricity for a few minutes. And indeed the television worked again. It was free of charge. Courteous and professional guy.
    I highly recommend!
    Liat Peled
    Tel Aviv

  23. Alik says:

    Vadim came to me today because of several problems I had with my computer and my laptop. They were very difficult problems, as I myself with many years of experience in a computer profession spent a few hours solving them (without any success).
    Vadim has solved all the problems very fast! In addition to his professionalism, I was deeply impressed by Vadim himself who is very reliable, caring and responsible – he certainly asked a fair price for his work.
    I highly recommend RepairPC to anyone with computer problems!

    Givat Shmuel

  24. Ravital Zaltzman says:

    There is no greater pleasure than running into a person that is so pleasant, reliable, professional and caring. I had a computer glitch and I was looking for a computer technician. I got Vadim’s phone number from a friend and I couldn’t believe how easy the process was. Vadim came to my house to check the computer, he took and repaired it and returned to me within a day!
    More than that – he fixed and arranged other things in the computer, spent his time and energy for other things to get the computer into complete order, even though he was not supposed to do that as it wasn’t a part of the agreement. In addition, it was important for him to explain how to avoid future mishaps and he gave me more additional explanations. Fair prices, availability, reliability and professionalism – highly recommended, recommended, recommended!!!!!!!!

  25. Guy Levi says:

    I’m so happy that the day before I was supposed to book a technician to come to my house I came across one of Vadim’s business cards.
    I have to admit that I had a strong intuition that it would be all right.
    I had two laptops that were in bad condition and they were just a moment away of being replaced by a new PC.
    Vadim’s honesty, the amount of time he invested, the explanations given to prevent problems in the future, his availability, plus modest price causes me to strongly recommend him and ensure him as a trustworthy technician to all my friends!
    After he repaired my computers they were in an excellent condition and I know I can relax because I have found a computer technician I can trust.
    Thank you very much, Vadim!!!

  26. Haim Feldman says:

    Vadim fixed my computer screen very quickly! Vadim seems very reliable and professional.
    Thank you, Vadim, for your great work!!!

  27. Dikla says:

    The truth is that I have never written any recommendations – but this time and the situation demands it.
    Above all, Vadim is a hardworking and reliable guy who offers a brilliant customer service!
    Although I called on a Friday morning, a day when not everyone is eager to work, Vadim listened, thought about what the problem might be and came back to me quickly. He has been with me on the phone with infinite patience and never gave up until he realized the problem.
    He also recommended what to do next so the problem would never come back.
    I trust Vadim with closed eyes.

  28. Haim Kanigun says:

    I wish to inform readers about the professional and extraordinary service I received today by a young man named Vadim at RepairPC.
    Because a deadly virus infected my computer which prevented any orderly activity – I found I was impressed by this site as a whole and it convinced me to trust it. Within a few minutes after sending an email, Vadim answered me and promised to get in contact regarding the problem in 15 minutes. And so he did.
    Within an hour he was able to bring me a full working computer without reformatting and losing all the material.
    The price was fair in general.
    Vadim plays tennis and I think a person who plays tennis must be very special.
    I will ask for his help again in a case of any other computer problems.
    Wholeheartedly recommended.

    Engineer Haim Kanigun / Givataim
    Phone: 0544575117

  29. Nahshon family says:

    It is our pleasure to recommend Vadim.
    Vadim gave us various computer repairs and maintenance services.
    We are depending on our computers and constantly need them.
    Vadim is always available and always finds a solution.
    Vadim is also pleasant and easygoing.
    In short, we recommend him very much.

    The Nachshon family
    Phone: 050-853-7633

  30. Eric says:

    Over the last year I needed the service of a few times. Each time I received a great service at most reasonable prices.
    The first time was when my computer “stuck” by some unexplained virus. My anti-virus software couldn’t overcome it. The technician came to my place and after foundинг the issue he recommended a number of more powerful anti-virus software than the one I had.
    He also helped me to install these programs on my computer. After scanning the hard disk with one of the recommended programs the virus could be removed and didn’t return anymore.
    Also I want to note that I’ve looking for an Internet solutions before calling Vadim. The only recommendations I could find for the symptoms of this particular virus were to reformat the disk. I had no idea how to do that without losing the entire data.
    The most professional technician overcame this problem much faster than I had expected and all data stayed completely saved.

    The second time was when I decided that it was time to replace my old screen to a new generation thin screen. Since there was no screen investment priority for me, I was looking for an economical solution but with high quality. So one day I talked to Vadim from and he offered me a renewed screen (his company sells refurbished screens as well) as a solution. I bought a refurbished screen and I saved hundred Shekels compared to the price of a new screen and even received warranty. The screen works perfectly and with it I got plenty of space on my desk.

    I would like to point out that during this period I got great service from and the relationship was professional and caring. It made me feel I had finally found the “father and mother” for my computer.

    For further questions, my cell: 050-825-8755

  31. Betty says:

    I visited while I was searching for a computer technician who could come to my place and fix my computer. The technician I knew through friends was busy, but I had to get my computer fixed the same day, so I looked online, a little nervously, for an available technician.
    What I read on the website sounded fine and good enough to give someone I didn’t know a chance.

    I reached the guy named Vadim and I found out later that he was the chief engineer of the company Vadim came to my house (Ramat Gan) that evening. After a brief examination he knew pretty well what the problem was and explained it to me in simple words so I could understand. He named an absolutely fair price and said he would take the computer and return it the next day.
    The computer was returned the next day and it was working. Afterwards it turned out that Vadim also invested more than he had planned to. He didn’t take additional charge beyond the price that we had agreed to. I also received a warranty for the repair which I never used.

    The thing I liked most was the understanding of the problem from the first moment he saw the computer. He told me that it is a very old computer (8 yrs) and that if I wanted it to work longer, he could fix it but he recommended to buy a new one.
    Good to know there are still honest professionals who say the truth.
    Since than I needed services of Vadim twice (my parents’ computer who live in Bat Yam and my sister’s computer who lives in Holon), in both cases Vadim came and repaired them. It has been several months ago now and the computers still work and everything is fine.
    From now on I have a computer technician who can help me with any computer related problem.
    I highly recommend Vadim to anyone.

    Those who want to ask questions – email me

  32. David Sulami says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Vadim is a computer technician who is very professional, punctual, trustworthy, responsible, sympathetic and most important – the most reliable.
    From my experience I realized that Vadim solves every problem and he is available at any time and finds effective solutions to any problem.

    I recommend to everyone his services !!!

    David Sulami
    Phone: 054-808-0521

  33. Nomi Cohen says:

    When you have a problem, for example a computer that isn’t working – who do you have to fix this problem?
    I wanted to share some facts with you from my experience.
    As a pensioner I decided to purchase a computer and get new knowledge and experiences using it. It was a smart move and I really enjoyed it … .. until I needed it to be repaired or upgraded. Then I came across the slippery conditions, dishonesty and excessive prices.
    One day I got Vadim’s business card or more correctly – the key to handle computer.
    I want to emphasize that Vadim is reliable, honest, hard-working and quick with fair prices.

    I wouldn’t think twice about recommending him to anyone who is still looking for the key to solve computer problems

    Naomi Cohen, Tel-Aviv

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