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Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement

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broken laptop screen
You’ve sat on your laptop? Or stepped on it? You’ve dropped the laptop and it hit the floor? The laptop’s screen stopped working in some way?

No problem! Here at the laptop repair lab we can diagnose and perform the laptop screen repair or replacement FAST!

Below you’ll find a list of the most common problems laptop screens can have. Some will require a screen repair. Read more »

The Most Common Problems With LCD Monitors

A computer screen or a computer monitor is one of the most useful output devices. With the help of the PC monitor you can visually see the results of the computer’s work whether it’s a text document, an image, a movie, results of calculations or the display of various applications. Read more »

The Most Important Components of LCD Monitors

LCD MonitorThe screen is a key component in the computer`s system. It allows the computer user to view the results of his operations in a convenient and immediate way. If the screen goes bad, this is a problem that will end the ability to work on a computer.

LCD screens can suffer from various problems, but several symptoms of display problems are quite limited: Read more »

Laptop Repair Laboratory

Ask any question via: 054-225-7705

laptop-repairWe are a professional laptop repair laboratory. We have many years of experience in repairing laptops at the component level.

This is the place to fix your laptop. The skill level, speed and quality of our laptop repair will exceed your expectations.

Perhaps you already have encountered dishonesty or deception in computer repair sphere in the past. We try our best to be 100% honest and complete a laptop repair job as fast as we can! Read more »

PC Technician in Tel-aviv

PC technicianNowadays computers are used by all of us in all spheres of life. They can be found in our homes and offices, in small and large companies, as fixed stations and portable models.
Despite the fact that there are many different kinds of computers, their content  and their usage are usually the same. And there is one thing in common to all users who use both office computers and laptops: from time to time everyone needs a professional assistance of a computer technician in Tel-aviv or the middle of Israel.
In the following lines we will discuss what a professional technician is as well as the criteria to distinguish a high-quality technician from someone who is not. Read more »

Internet Providers vs Infrastructure Providers

Various Internet service providers, Internet infrastructure, mobile providers are a kind of a puzzle that recedes infinitely.
The Internet situation in Israel is similar to a puzzle. In Israel various vendors become the partners of your data secrets: the infrastructure provider, the Internet service provider, the mobile Internet provider. Most carriers are unclear about who their service really is for. Read more »

Your personal data is in danger!

DATA-LOSSIn recent decades, especially the last one, information has undergone a significant change, called a “digital revolution.” Documents, pictures, music – all these still exist in physical form, but many of them have been changed to be mostly used in a digital version. To be honest, it is likely that most of the documents and images created in the last decade have not received a physical representation at all (except on the computer screen).

There are a lot of items that belong to digital media: digital cameras, photos, music players, songs and Amazon’s “reader” that can display books and newspapers on screens. Read more »